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2009 is a joke

Posted by Kevin on August 27, 2009

There’s a lot of problems in the world today, homies, so I might just get right down to it.

 Hussein leading his Red Army




From tha cold US 2 sunny Australia

Gliberals 2 making tha world a failure

Every time we come up with a cure for the pox kill

These fools try 2 drown the dry-zones like Box Hill

There’s been lots of drama, u can bet ur mama

It’s not tha Dalai Llama his name iz Obama

Barry Hussein doesn’t have his qualm

Because he’s another communist follower of Islam

Tryin’ 2 communise health with a death panel

2 kill those who love God, own guns or wear flannel

Barry wants 2 make doctors a little bit redder

But privatised US health can make u better

Tha Marxist media from America 2 Australia

Iz totally supportin’ this God-forsaken faliure

Tha lefties want 2 crucify, they want 2 be nailin’ Palin

Yeah from New York 2 Melbourne tha media is failin

Here’s another point that some of u might have missed

Countries with ‘progressive’ tax r socialist

That’s y Rudd and Hussein r shockingly

Tryin’ 2 abolish all of our private property

Like a Muslim, Obama probably doesn’t even eat ham

While he and Rudd push their Evil Trading Scam

Barry is tha Furore, and Rudd is his house-bitch

Socialised healthcare is just like Auschwitz

Meanwhile back home we need Wilson Tuckey

2 stand up against Turnbull’s craven sucky sucky

So if u really luv democracy get out of ur pyjama

Get a gun and fight against Rudd and Obama.


Peace homies, and props to the Birdman.




 Michelle Hussein running an evil communist rally


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Save Israel

Posted by Kevin on January 9, 2009

Hamas operatives hiding out in a Gaza hospital. See how young they start.

Hamas operatives hiding out in a Gaza hospital. See how young they start.



What is it with lefties runnin the world 2day?
They try 2 make your children and your marriage gay
They make propaganda films like
Finding Nemo
They’re tha reason that your children r growin up emo
One thing u know with tha commies without fail
Is that they anti-semite and they wanna kill Israel
Fascists on tha street 4 Socialist alliance
Trying 2 encourage neo-Nazi defiance
These elite lefties r so artsy-fartsy
And when they dis Israel u just know they a nazi
Tha situation’s just like world war 2
When tha Islamofascists finish u know they b comin 4 u
Just like a dubious woman will wear a stilleto
Israel’s been turned into tha Warsaw ghetto
Surrounded by Arab fascists, outside all they’re ranches
While Palis try 2 give them a dirty sanchez
Hey lefties, b fair, it ain’t that hard
How would u like Muslim tanks in ur backyard?
Israel is bombing out of self defence
While Red Cross cowards only sit on tha fence
The UN do nuthin, what r they good 4?
They should be on tha streets tryin 2 fight this war
Gazans want so much, they’re totally selfish
Israelis just want peace and no pigs or shellfish
What Palestine needs is another Dresden
If u disagree then have anotha guess then
All classic liberals diagree wit Hamas
If u don’t then ur a lefty dumbass
In Palestine there r no such thing as civilians
Just millions hidin in schools for they killions
With lots of shillin
From the left but God willin
Hezbollah is getting a frightened feelin
The Arab world is not yet kosher
This is what Konservative Kev is trying 2 coach ya
So support the Jews against the Marxist Hamas left
This is Korageous Kev, rappin 4 the IDF.

Peace out, homies

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It is better to have rapped, loved and lost…

Posted by Kevin on January 8, 2009

A picture tells 1,000 words

A picture tells 1,000 words

Like I said earlier, I have had some love issues, and this has distracted me from rapping. But I’m back now, and this post is all I have to say on the matter. It’s not yet finished, but I think it’s a good start. To my dearest Ting Ting, even though it’s over now, this one’s for you:



Ladies get your engines and start 2 rev

Here wit yo rhymes, it’s LL Love Kev

Other rappers r full o’ hate and gay rhymes

My words is like an afternoon at Box Hill playtime

I write about love like tha Song o’ Solomon

Yo body is hot and high just like a jolly bong

Babe, I’m sorry 4 the time that our R&B was outta key

I’m sorry that tha PM has the same first name as me




Our loves could be mergin

If u stay a virgin

We could be flyin so high

There’s mountains we be climbin

So hold onto your hymen

Love tastes so good I could cry

I hope our love’s not history

Does your heart have room for a Tory

Or have you gone left in your hurt?

We can b betrothed

And u can wear nice clothes

At our Evangelical Church.

But please don’t b hurt

Plz b full o mirth

Coz other guys iz dirt

And ooh Kevin iz a place on earth

Yeah, Kevin iz a place on earth.




Peace out x

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Some Wednesday Metal

Posted by Kevin on July 23, 2008

Like other good conservatives, I like to share some music with my blog friends. Not many people know it now, but before I became a rapper, I toyed with the idea of doing Christian death metal. I decided to do hip hop instead, firstly because there are already Christian metal bands in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne, but also because I’m smooth, and look better in rap style clothes.

Anyway, here is the sutff I used to listen to. It’s not as Christian as the stuff I like now, in fact, its almost Commie:

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Vietnam & Iraq

Posted by Kevin on July 22, 2008

A suicide monk - luckily, we liberated the Vietnamese from fascism. Can we do it for Iraq?

A suicide monk - luckily, we liberated the Vietnamese from fascism. Can we do it for Iraq?


Like all my homeboys have been saying this week, a real man, a man of morals and courage, would never vote for B. Hussein. Well, I’m a man too, and I know that if we let the Demorats into office, then the Islamofascists will take heart. John Howard said as much, and if a political genius like him believes it, I think we all should listen.


Anyway, Islamodemoliberalfashies never fight wars well. The only ones who can start wars and win them well are conservatives. Men, in other words. This next rap is a rally call for all the principled people like me – conservatives, classic liberals, wigs and tories, to make sure we don’t let Iraq miss out on the freedom we gave to Vietnam.

One of tha big problems with Barak

Is that he wanna take tha troops outta Iraq

No wonder all tha Islamofascists are grinning

Gliberals pull tha troops out just when we’re winning

U know these tr8tors don’t give a damn

They nearly made us lose tha war in Vietnam

Nam, back when Black Panthers ruled the sixties

Peaceniks commited treason just like filthy hippies

Tha Vietnamese commies were tryin 2 steal our freedom

When all we wanted was peace, wealth and Milton Friedman

VietCong don’t know Christ, so tha Vietnamese

Went across Asia tryin 2 steal our liberties

Tha fascist Cong even invaded Kampuchea

While leftists just ignored it, they were spewin diarrheoa

It was left to tha conservatives 2 save the peasants from hell

And stop tha suicide monks from burnin and rulin themselves

It was our mission to liberate tha world, u know

Make tha bamboo commies fall just like dominoes

But gliberals and Barak, they b livin in sin

With a dirty ho

Just like that Ho

Called Ho Chi Minh

As Vietnamese commies tried to take over tha world

Turnin adults into slaves, even tha girls

But luckily tha ‘progressives’ got it wrong

And we saved Vietnamese from Hanoi to Saigon

But instead of getting a ticker tape parade

When the veterans got back there wasn’t even lemonade

Or fruit juice

Our morals gettin loose

Tha courage is hardly

There to kill tha bad fools

Whether they be Charlie

Or guys named Abdul

Now tha War on Terror is nearly won

Mohammed’s fallin down cos of rhymes from my stun gun

So y cut + run when we b havin so much fun?

Iraq and Nam, yes I admit they could be finer

They be backwards countries, unlike America or China

But whether u eat rice or stinky kebabs

Freedom iz a chance u deserve 2 grab

Already we’ve acheived so much 4 so long

Vietnamese democracy iz still going strong

Even Iraq is gettin much safer

Kidz can get jobs makin communion wafers

Or defusin IEDs and landmines

In a couple of years everythang will b fine

U know one thing is true without absolute fail

If he hadn’t of stopped Saddam and Ho they’d have attacked Israel

Maybe if tha French hadn’t been so emasculated

Then Vietnam + Iraq wouldn’t have 2 be liberated

So it don’t matter if u ride a camel or ur a illiterate rice farmer

Don’t give up on us

Cos we’ll be givin up on Obama.


Peace out, bros and hos.


US cleaners bring democracy and sanitation to Iraq

US cleaners bring democracy and sanitation to Iraq

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Krudd and Dillard are Making our Kids into Stalinists!

Posted by Kevin on July 16, 2008


I'm in ur schoolz, degeneratin ur kids

I'm in ur schoolz, degeneratin ur kids

This is an exclusive story – I think I am the only one who knows about it. The State Department education systems, which is paid for with your taxes, is indoctrinating kids to Stalin. It’s part of their plan to have a global, one-government commie state. The proof is this teenager, Peter Watson, who goes to a public school in Queensland and who apparently worships Stalin. You can see his terrible propaganda videos here. Anyways, I sent Peter and email, saying that he should convert to Christianity immediately. I didn’t hear back, so I’m writing this as a message to him and all the other young home boys who think Stalin is cool:


UPDATE: His pro-Stalin blogs have been taken down! Yay for the good guys! I’ll keep this rap up anyway, to serve as a reminder.

What is so wrong with tha world 2day

That kidz gots ta b Stalinists 2 b ok

Normal development is interrupted

Kidz morality is totally corrupted

By shows like Big Brother or Finding Nemo

Ur kid could grow up to become a fat emo

Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard

Stop it now or u make me feel illard

It’s bad enough this country lets in Muslims and Taoists

In Communist Australia the teachers are Maoist

2 all tha young Stalinists, stop talkin nonsense

It’s not about east or west so examine ur conscience

Ur heart shouldn’t be red, instead, let it be fluoro

Don’t turn your spirit into a big politburo

Young guyz should be breakdancin and wearin’ a do-rag

Not tryin to lock they bruthas in2 a gulag

I blame the government for all this miseducation

Home-school kids don’t learn Marx or forced masturbation

Kidz are entitled just 2 b kidz

Supportin evangelism + defendin tha Yidz

But normal kidz these days r goin extinct like tha panda

This is the result of all tha state propaganda

Tha future could be such a depressing story

With Stalinist parties and partyboy Corey

So commies should buy bagels just like a New Yoiker

It’s time now 4 some glasnost and perestroika.


Down with Atheism!

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For my Soul Sistas on Tha Other side (I mean Broadmeadows, also St Albans)

Posted by Kevin on June 28, 2008

I'm oppressed

They tried to make me wear a hijab

I said no, no, no.

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Fighting tha Good Fight

Posted by Kevin on June 26, 2008

Fighting Islamofascism


Sorry to all of my readers – I have been very busy with many things lately. I thought it would be a good time to rap about one of my favourite topics, Israel, for she is always under threat, and her suitors have forsaken her:

I’m a friend of Israel


Let’s all defend Israel


 Tha river of life

Is filled with rubbish and flotsam

Out of all religions

We call this stuff Islam

Other nations do nuthin

But play My Little Pony

There’s only one country

Which has tha cojones

To put tha smack down

Until tha bearded thugs back down

I’m talkin bout Israel

I know how you feel

I also have brains

And nerves of steel

Like you I have ta put up with


Anti Semitism

Even happens to Asians

From bus stops and parks

I stand up for what’s true

And like Israel’s tanks

Little kids throw rocks at me too

Like IDF defence

My radar got blips

I fight terror from tha Balwyn Bloods

To tha Doncaster Crips

How hard it is

When you need to build a wall

To protect you from h8ers

Terrorists and Muslims, all

They stick 2getha

Like Barbie and Ken

I mean terrorists

And their friends, tha UN

I hear that Israel is hot,

Which means that u cannot ski

But at least tha Jews despise racist lefties

Like Karl Marx and Trotsky

Or Chumpsky tha gnome for that matter

Israel bleeds while academics get fatter

Like Israel

My rhymes are civilised settlements

Collective punishing your brain

For your own betterment

Who else will fight

Tha evil friends of Moham

Who wear funny hats

And don’t eat no ham?

Like Israel, I fight my trolls

And rely on my allies on my blogroll

Leftists make musicals about Eva Peron

But who is gonna sing songs of praise

For Ariel Sharon?

Judaism is real

It’s like a path to sanity

It’s almost as good

As Christianity

So let’s be friends with Israel


Let’s all defend Israel





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Posted by Kevin on May 29, 2008



My homie (NB: not ‘homo’) Elizah has a good post on a new Holocaust memorial in Berlin. The monument has footage of two men kissing!! Unbelievable! It’s disgraceful that homosexuality, which had nothing to do with the Holocaust, should be celebrated in this way. As the E-man says – ‘One has to ask, how does one identify a barbarian within when becomes one?’. This is my way of answering:

Now our culture is so barbarian

Gays are everywhere


Men are kissing

To remember the Holocaust

Our decadent culture

Is getting its salad tossed

True Moral behaviour

Begins down south

The only good fags are the ones

I put in my mouth

If evolution theory

Wasn’t a lie

Then all the gays would have

Been bred out or die

It’s not just about

Playa hatin and criticisin

Every fool knows

That the Germans are Scheißen

They be breakin down the sanctity of marriage

By playin with another mans’ undercarriage

Every player

Needs a ho

I’ll smack any gay

From Blackburn to Templestowe

All of these liberal habits are filthy

You’re not supposed to m*sturb#te and not feel guilty

My rapping style is

Going to make you think

About how evil is a bear

A queen or a twink

What next?

Compulsory bum-sex?

Bondage in parliament

This is how our taxes are spent.

As the only good book says – Lev 18:22-23 “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.” Found at this phat site. (And  Zephaniah 2:12-15 is the perfect Bible quote for the Commie-voting immigrants and their multicult mates.) Peace out, homies.

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Some classic hip hop

Posted by Kevin on May 27, 2008

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